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Intentional Community Homes

Currently, Co:Here supports two intentional community homes, in the Grandview-Woodlands neighbourhood. These are single-family dwelling homes in which a variety of people share life together, seeking to create a place of welcome and friendship to the poor, marginalized, and those who normally don’t have a place of welcome in the neighbourhood.

Co:Here has developed a holistic model in which live-in community builders form the base of communities which are able to offer long term support through committed personal relationships. Many individuals in the community work part-time in their jobs in order to free up time for volunteering and involvement in the community. Living in community lowers the costs of living so that this is possible. In addition, community provides the framework for addressing and resisting consumer culture which is difficult to do on a more individual basis.

With the current housing crisis in our city, we have found that sharing a house is a viable alternative to other housing models. In addition, where isolation is a hallmark of North American urban poverty, common daily rhythms of life are one way to nurture connectedness with a person whose world may be quite different and unknown. Close proximity to one another allows us to live past strengths and weaknesses towards an appreciation for one another in our humanity.