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Our History

The idea for the Co:Here Housing Community began as a small seed within the imaginations of people who are part of the Salsbury Community Society (SCS). SCS is a Vancouver-based Christian non-profit society, originally formed by members of Grandview Calvary Baptist Church, that has birthed numerous community-development and wellness initiatives since 1997:

Through these initiatives SCS has gained experience since 1978 in providing and operating affordable community housing, supporting people who are coping with homelessness, low-incomes, and social isolation. Each initiative is rooted in a philosophy of mutual transformation, the belief that relationships between diverse community members enrich all of us.

In order to most effectively provide vulnerable people in the Grandview-Woodlands neighbourhood with affordable, supportive housing, SCS has decided to focus on the Co:Here Housing Initiative. The other initiatives have either been incorporated as their own societies or have come under the auspices of Grandview Calvary Baptist Church. The work of the Co:Here Housing Initiative now includes supporting three intentional community homes and the development of the Co:Here Housing Community.